The Mikey Network

Herity has formed The Mikey Network as our leading philanthropic initiative. The Mikey Network is working to create public awareness and provide education about heart healthy lifestyles. Currently we are focusing on the Mikey Young at Heart Program that places “MIKEYS” (public access defibrillators) with high-risk children who are in danger of sudden cardiac arrest, so they and their families can lead more normal lives knowing a MIKEY is always near at hand. In addition Mikey will continue its program to educate today’s youth about the importance of healthy lifestyles and what a Mikey and awareness can do for those around them.

The Mikey Network has been established in memory of a partner and friend, Michael Hart Salem.

The Mikey Network has placed over 2000 MIKEYs throughout Ontario placed 200 units with Mikeys Kids and saved 32 lives.

The Mikey Network Programs

Over the years, The Mikey Network has expanded its reach and life-saving efforts by organizing and implementing a wide range of programs.

Mikey Young at Heart

Schools Form the Heart of Our Communities

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and today, a lot of that “raising” takes place in our schools.

Schools are where we sit in the audience while our kids and grandkids sing their hearts out during concerts, where we cheer from the bleachers as our budding athletes compete in sporting events, where we wander the halls on parent/teacher evenings amazed at what our children accomplish. But schools are much more than a setting where cherished memories are made. They are where lifelong friendships begin. Where arts, music and theatre flourish. Where political decisions are made. And where parents meet and share stories. Pulsating with encouragement, engagement and hope, schools are the lifeblood of our communities.

Our schools are also spots where Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to you or your friends and family members at any time … during a basketball game, gym class or even walking up a flight of stairs.

Through the Mikey Young At Heart program, we place MIKEYs in schools to offer a second chance at life for students who experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest, as well as their teachers, coaches, parents, grandparents and siblings.

We are proud to play a role in helping to ensure that lifelong learning in schools can continue for everyone, including your children.

Mikey’s Kids

It Takes a Community to Help a Seriously Ill Child

If your child is diagnosed with a serious heart problem, you and your family will live in continual fear, knowing their heart can skip a beat at any moment. As a result, your son or daughter may have to stay close to home and/or a hospital.

The Mikey’s Kids program provides families with portable MIKEYs so these children can lead more normal lives. They will be able to go on to vacation, go to the cottage and enjoy day trips together as a family, when it may not have otherwise been safe to do so before. The peace of mind these MIKEYs provide is priceless; knowing that should the child’s heart skip a beat, life-saving help is close at hand.

Requests for MIKEYs come from the staff at various organizations including international children’s hospitals. Through these placements, Mikey’s Kids from Toronto to Haiti are smiling again!

Mikey On Board

A Head Start in the Race Against Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What if you are walking down the street, and you experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Is there any hope of being revived?

Unpredictability is the most dangerous aspect of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the window of opportunity to turn the situation around lasts just a few minutes. The Mikey On Board program provides training and places MIKEYs in vehicles that travel throughout local communities on a regular basis, including transport vehicles, moving trucks and vans.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK© Canada has placed MIKEYs on all of their moving trucks. Durham Radio is also on board, carrying MIKEYs on station event cruisers. We want to expand this program to tow truck, delivery, plumbing and other firms with vehicles that could potentially become mobile life-savers.

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens, every second counts. We are committed to getting more companies on board with Mikey On Board!

Mikey On The Go

On the GO? We are with you!

On a typical weekday in Toronto, more than 185,000 people step into GO Transit facilities, buses and trains expecting to arrive at their destinations. Maybe you are one of those travelers. And maybe, like George, you could end up somewhere other than where you were headed.

George ended up in the hospital after experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest while waiting for a train. Thanks to the Mikey on the GO program, a trained responder used a MIKEY during the first few critical moments to help save George’s life.

The Mikey Network has installed MIKEYs throughout GO Transit facilities and trains, and GO staff has been trained in their use.

Now you can feel more comfortable using GO Transit, where saving lives is a GOing concern!

Mikey’s Cops are Tops

Helping to Protect Our Finest

Police officers risk their lives to protect the rest of us. When one of these heroes dies, the loss is tragic, especially if the culprit is Sudden Cardiac Arrest. A 52-year-old police officer’s heart stopped while exercising during his training program at the Toronto Police College. Thanks to the Mikey Cops Are Tops program, trained responders performed CPR, applied two shocks of a MIKEY defibrillator, and he became the 14th person saved through The Mikey Network’s efforts.

MIKEYs have been placed in all the Toronto Police Services stations and holding cells, Provincial Courts and Collision Centres to help safeguard those who serve and protect us.