Herity USA

Established in 2001, Herity Corporation (USA) is an active developer and is responsible  for operations and coordination in the group's enterprises in the United States.
Along with Jamerican Development, Herity provides consulting and management services.

Heron Stone

Heron Stone specializes in sourcing, fabricating, delivering and installing the highest quality granite, quartz and marble countertops in the industry. Heron Stone is a full service company, dedicated to ensuring that your construction project and its countertop needs and requirements are fully met- on time, on budget and with the finest materials available.

Heron Development USA

Heron Development, LTD

Established in 2015, Heron Development is an active owner and manager of the Heron and Herity's student housing ventures.

Heron Capital Holdings (HCH)

Heron Capital Holdings is a boutique financial procurer of capital for the commercial real estate industry. Heron Capital Holdings specializes in a large menu of financial products that are tailored to the customers' needs and timelines.

Heron Student Housing Ventures

Heron Student Housing Ventures provides Institutions of Higher Education with a one-stop solution for designing, building and financing new student housing. HSHV also undertakes other development projects such as academic buildings, recreational buildings, student union offices, parking garages and utility plants.

Jamerican Development Group

Established in 1994, Jamerican provides management and consulting services, as well as developer expertise.