Key executive

Corporate Structure

Herity is organized into a management structure that ensures that our core values, years of experience, insight and corporate philosophy filter down into each division. Overlooking all business sectors is an ownership and executive team who ensure the communication necessary to build for the success and growth of Herity. The result is that while Herity is involved in a diverse range of business sectors, we employ a consistent approach to operations and strategic decision-making.

Elliot Krangle
Principal, CEO, Chairman & President

For decades, Elliot has provided leadership and direction for Herity, through times that demanded important strategic decisions and creative solutions. At the helm of Herity for 4 decades, he is the designer of the corporation's philosophical foundations - its core set of values, proactive investment strategy, and commitment to longevity and growth. Elliot is also one of the founders and a director of The Mikey Network, our corporate charity that places defibrillators in public access areas. Please find out more about The Mikey Network here.

Hugh Heron
Principal, Chairman of Heathwood Homes and Heron Homes

Recognized as the senior spokesman within the Canadian housing sector and one of the most esteemed figures in the modern history of Canadian real estate development, Hugh stands at a vantage point enjoyed by few others which gives him a broad view of the industry's landscape of issues, challenges and opportunities. For over 40 years, he has served in leadership positions at some of the industry's most important institutions: former chair of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program (now known as Tarion), past president of both the Greater Toronto and Ontario Home Builders' Associations, and a former senior board member of CMHC (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation). Hugh brings a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the vision and principles that guide Herity’s ongoing success. He is also the chairman, spokesman and key advocate of The Mikey Network, the corporate charity that places defibrillators, Mikeys, in public access areas.

Sheldon Alspector
Principal, CEO of Housing

With over 40 years of experience, Sheldon is directly responsible for the operations of Herity’s Residential Housing Division. Sheldon has a clear appreciation of the residential housing market from several standpoints - not only from the perspective of privately-held entities, but also from the concerns of watchdog organizations. He has been a director of The Toronto Labour Bureau since its inception more than 30 years ago and a founder of RESCON, an organization that works with builders to establish optimum practices of safety, quality, leadership and competition within the Canadian housing market.

Grant Simpson  P.,ENG, MBA.
Principal, COO of Herity
President of Equity Development Group & CEO of Heathwood Land Division

Grant joined Herity in 1980 as a civil engineer and heads the group’s Equity Development Group land development operation. In addition he is responsible for corporate partnerships, joint venture relations and deals directly with the financial community. He has a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University, and an MBA from The University of Toronto. Grant’s wide range of interests and skills come together in an integrated understanding of Herity’s portfolio of projects, and the ability to help guide them, step by step, detail by detail, from initiation to successful completion.

Bob Finnigan
Principal, COO of Housing
President of Heathwood Homes

Bob plays a key role in acquisitions and housing for Herity and its related housing companies. Before joining Herity in the 1980's, he worked in the real estate departments of several large corporations, which gave him a solid grounding in the unique range of disciplines required to succeed in the industry. His educational background in geography provides a solid basis from which to consider the broader environmental impact of building, and he has also worked extensively with community groups, which gives him a unique perspective on demographics. In 2007, Bob served as the President of the Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association, in 2011 as President of the Ontario Home Builders' Association, from 2011 – 2019 he sat on the Board of Tarion Warranty Corporation, and in  2016 Bob became the president of CHBA (Canadian Home Builder Association). His education, understanding and unique perspective makes him a valuable industry spokesman.

Silvio Longo
Principal, COO of Construction

Silvio came to Herity in the late 1980's with a diverse background that includes an expertise in mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as specialized training in health, safety and regulation issues. His strengths include a talent for working effectively with people at many levels of involvement. Active in several safety initiatives and associations, Silvio was co-chairman of the Low Rise Residential Labour - Management Health and Safety Committee. His attention to detail and sensitivity to the consumer ensure a well-built product from the bottom up.

Brad Foster CPA, C.A.
Principal, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer  

Brad joined Herity in 1999, was appointed the company’s CFO position in 2005, and became a principal in 2008. Brad is a highly skilled Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant and is responsible for the company’s consolidated financial reporting, corporate financing, banking relationships and taxation. Brad has a broad perspective on the Herity's activity and with his skill set is able to understand and direct the multi-faceted activities of the company from land, housing and franchising. He is also the Financial Officer for The Mikey Network, the corporate charity that places defibrillators in public access locations.

Eva Naumovski
Executive Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing

Eva joined Herity in 2002 after completing her Honours BA at the University of Toronto. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Herity, she is responsible for the marketing and communications for the company's entire portfolio. Eva also plays an integral role in the marketing communications and operations of The Mikey Network, the corporate charity that places defibrillators, MIKEYs, in public access locations.

Rene Grawey
President of Heathwood Realty Group Limited (HRG)  
Vice President of Sales of Heathwood Homes & Heron Homes

Rene is a principal in Heathwood Realty Group, responsible for land acquisitions as well as new and resale homes. As VP of Sales for Heathwood, he leads the sales teams for all Heathwood and Heron Homes projects while holding both the Ontario Real Estate and Brokers license. Rene's professionalism and direction makes sure that our homebuyer is fully served with a quality product that all parties are proud of. He is also the Vice President of The Mikey Network, the charity that places defibrillators, MIKEYs in public access location.

Khushdeep Kaur Jaura
Vice President of Finance, Controller                  

Khush joined Herity as the Vice President of Finance in 2013. As a skilled Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant, she oversees the accounting operations and finance functions and is responsible for the financial reporting for Herity's internal and external stakeholders. With a Master of Accounting from the University of Waterloo and a successful former career in the Public Accounting sector, Khush has a diverse skill set that enabels her to manage Herity's unique financial profile.

John Prittie
President & CEO of Heron Capital Corporation

John has been President, CEO and a shareholder with Heron Capital Corporation since its formation in 1997. He is instrumental to acquiring and managing a diverse collection of master franchises across North America. Today he is President of the Master Franchise for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Canada and Redishred International. John is a seasoned franchise executive with significant experience in business-to-business and service related operations. He has established more than 500 franchises domestically and internationally and is active in both the Canadian and International franchise associations. John earned his Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor and holds both B.Comm. and B.A. designations.

Chuck Resnick
Chief Operating Officer of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

With an Honours BA in Psychology and a Marketing Diploma from Ryerson University, Chuck Resnick is responsible for Operations and Marketing for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. Prior to joining Herity in 2008, Chuck was first Vice President of Marketing, Shoppers Drug Mart, and then the National Vice President of Operations. His knowledge of consumer psychology, coupled with his commitment to meeting the needs of clients and his long range vision for the company, allow Chuck to effectively define the company's services in the marketplace and help set the benchmarks for its success.

Ian Gordon
Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation

Ian is responsible for all digital and online marketing for the Herity portfolio including website properties, social media, and internet advertising. He has been affiliated with Herity since 2008 in a consulting position and joined the team full time as the digital presence became a marketing requirement. Prior to joining Herity Ian was a successful entrepreneur owning several businesses, and has been involved with digital marketing since 1999.

Tasso Eracles
President of Smart Energy Recovery

Tasso has worked over 35 years at a Senior/Ownership Level in condominium property management and as a consultant to developers seeking property management advice in preparation of launching their developments. He has been an Instructor at CCI's director courses, spoken at conferences for GTHBA, BILD and CCI, and been a sought-after spokesperson for the industry by national newspapers and industry publications. He is a past owner and president of Simerra Property Management and past Chairman, President and CEO Of FirstService Residential Ontario.

Jeff Gottfried
President of Heron Student Housing Ventures

Jeff is well-known nationally for having successfully financed and closed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals in the commercial sector with institutional clients as well as institutional funding sources/investors. He began his professional career as a Public Accountant before becoming a Real Estate Developer. Jeff fully understands the "big picture' financial issues that impact Colleges across North America.

Jay Wetcher
President & General Partner of Heron Stone

Jay has been Herity’s USA public accountant and corporate tax consultant since 1993, and became President of Heron Stone in 2015. Jay has shown his core values made him a natural for a partnership with Herity.

Morty Henkle
Executive Director of The Mikey Network

As the Executive Director of The Mikey Network, he has overseen the day-to-day operations while working relentlessly to raise awareness of the charity and its goals. With over 2000 Mikeys placed to date, the charity has helped save lives through all its various programs which include Mikey's Kids and Mikey's Young at Heart School Defibrillator Program.

Paul Fox
General Legal Counsel, Herity

Since Herity’s inception in 1977, Paul has provided strategic legal counsel for the company and has a reputation second to none among his peers. Paul brings to the table a wealth of experience and leadership in many areas of the law, with the acumen and expertise that allow him to provide clear and accurate direction to the company. He is as well a director of The Mikey Network

James Krangle
Counsel, Herity USA

James provides legal counsel for the group for Heron Stone as well as Heron Student Housing. He attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA and St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, FL.